Leap Ahead Preschool is excited to announce that DATE NIGHT has returned. We will try to run at least 2 date nights a month. 

You will be provided with instructions on how to access the security cameras if your kiddos are at date night.

2019 Date Night Schedule (more dates to come)

August 17th 2019 - Canceled with no sign ups


  • Cost: 20 dollars

  • Time: 5PM - 9PM

  • Pizza dinner will be provided

  • Ages: 2-10

  • Click https://calendly.com/leapaheaddatenight to reserve your spot

    • Please include what date night you are interested in, child or children's names and age(s)


NOTE: Reserving a spot is highly recommended, as we are obligated to meet certain state children to teacher ratios. Drop offs without reservations will be accepted on a case by case basis only.

Updated 8/17/2019