At Leap Ahead Preschool it is our goal to give your children a strong foundation to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. Our curriculum is a fun, engaging, and hands on curriculum that will spark a love for learning. Preschool age children have a potential far beyond what most people would imagine.

We use Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum in our preschool. Mother Goose Time is a professionally developed preschool curriculum that nurtures the whole child and supports the child’s social, emotional and intellectual growth. Each tool included in the monthly curriculum kit we will receive is intentionally designed to meet a range of preschool skills. All tools are based on research and best practices. Mother Goose Time weaves together art projects, music, storytelling, math games, science experiments and more around a monthly theme. Each month the activities help teach a balance of preschool skills and learning objectives.


[Children] need safe enough environments in which to play and explore, and they need free access to the tools, ideas, and people (including playmates) that can help them along their own chosen paths.”
— Peter Gray in Free to Learn

We will introduce the alphabet and letter recognition, numbers and numeral recognition through step by step activities, such as tracing, writing, counting and coloring exercises. We will also reinforce and review phonetic concepts and skills as a foundation for reading and comprehension. Children will build their pre-reading skills, such as initial consonants, short and long vowels, sight words, and blending consonants.

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